Graffiti Pro for Android

I noticed that Access has released a Premium version of their highly acclaimed Graffiti app for Android, clocking in at $2.99. Seems kind of pricey, but if they can somehow sell 87 million copies, they’ll break even on their purchase of Palm Source.


Gadgets and Parents

Usually we talk about how we’re so into gadgets, and occasionally we stray into the territory of our parents and the ways they dip their toes into the technology waters. Over the years, we’ve introduced our folks to all sorts of tech — helped with cell phones, set up wireless networks, and advised on computer purchases.

And this is where it has led us. Here’s a photo of my mom (taken on my Dad’s new G2), sitting in her living room. On her lap is a Kindle (the original — she’s an early adopter!), on top of which is my Dad’s netbook. My mom is using her Android phone (a Cliq) to take a picture of a QR code on my Dad’s netbook. (No room on her lap for the iPad she got for Christmas!)


Incredible! Even the outlet behind her is full of chargers! I’m so proud.


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My muse

So I’ve seen that Kelvin has favorited A LOT of my photos on Flickr–30 in total, possibly more than anyone. I’m really glad Kelvin digs my photography. Or more accurately, the my photography & choice of subjects. You can see them all using FD’s Flickr Toys. Just for fun, I decided to breakdown those 30 photos, Harper’s style.

Photos that feature Lucas: 20

Number of Lucas photos taken by Kelvin: 5

Photos featuring Montana: 4

Photos featuring Serena: 7

Pyslent group photos: 4

Number that are sepia-toned: 1

Cameraphone shots: 3

Photos that include Kelvin: 14

Number where only Kelvin’s hands are visible: 4

Photos of Jake: 8

Number featuring Jake holding a sign: 1

Total number of photos featuring 1 or more members of the extended Pyslent family: 28

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Credit Where Due

I’m sure we’re all saddened by the Michael Jackson news yesterday, but it was the seed for the funniest thing I’ve heard from one of us in a long time — and since it was in a phone conversation between Jake and me, I’ll have to post it here:
(Background for future generations reading this: people are changing the background on their Twitter avatars to green in support of Iranian protesters…)
Jake: I decided not to tweet anything about Michael Jackson dying, since it seems like everyone on Twitter has already posted the news.
Mike: Yeah, I agree. I wonder what color you’re supposed to change your Twitter avatar to in memory of Michael Jackson.
Jake: (without a pause) It doesn’t matter if it’s black or white.
Still laughing just re-reading it.

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From the “That’s Why I Read Engadget” Department

From Gizmodo comes word of a Palm buyout:

ROME (Agencies) – The Vatican has bought Palm Inc. in an $800-million cash, stock, and souls deal, a move that analysts are calling a bold bid to reconvert the Catholic Church into the number one mobile operator for communication with God. The purchase is the culmination of Pope Benedict XVI’s new push into the mobile arena. His Holiness is, apparently, satisfied with the purchase of the Sunnyvale, CA. smartphone manufacturer, and was looking forward to working with the current board of directors to expand Palm’s user base as soon as possible. “With a potential market of 1.131 billion Catholics in the World and countless others up there, we are confident we can quickly expand the company’s user base, leveraging their technology to offer new real-time confession services, virtual baptisms, and get more and more people in direct contact with God every day,” Pope Benedict XVI declared to over 300 journalists, today in Rome. “Besides, we have to stop the Anti-Christ. Yes, you know who I’m talking about. The one with the black turtleneck and his false JesusPhone.”

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Manhattan Beach or Manhattan?

Manhattan Beach or Manhattan?
Manhattan Beach or Manhattan?

Where else can you pay $7000/month for a 2 bedroom apartment?

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I’ve seen better days

I’ve seen better days

The house is getting sold, so I needed to take a halfway decent photo of this guy before it’s gone for good.

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Day of the Donut: News & Celebrations Worldwide!

We Demand Donuts!
Wow, the Day of the Donut went better than I ever could have imagined. There was a nice turnout at Bob’s in San Francisco, including an appearance by Kelvin when he came by to collect my donut, seen at about 17:20 in this Flickr livecast, and roughly 50-100 people enjoyed free donuts courtesy of the Flickr team. Wired News did a nice round up of the event, wherein I was referred to as a “true patriot” with an HBO miniseries in the work. Check out the video below.

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We Demanded Donuts!

Sweet, fried, victory!

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More Donuts

I have to say that coming back from a week out of the country, I feel a little behind on the whole donut thing, but as the caption on the Flickr version of my picture says, I just do what I’m told. This was on the way to work this morning.

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