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Countdown to Infinity War

April 26th, 2018, 6:00pm by Jake

It opens tomorrow, so today’s my last chance to catch up on the marvel universe. So I’m at the movies for the 2nd time since JV arrived– during the middle of a work trip of course.

Tonight it’s Black Panther. Let’s see if it’s worth the hype. Hope to see Infinity within a few weeks, once I secure a babysitter. Been waiting 10 years for this one. Anyone have plans to see the movie soon?

5 Responses to “Countdown to Infinity War”

  1. Kelvin Says:

    We’ll all see it this weekend. Pretty excited. Are you all caught up with the Marvel movies? If not, a bunch are on netflix (Civil War, Thor Ragnorok, Guardians 2). All three of those are probably prerequisites. And Black Panther of course.

  2. Jake Says:

    I’ve seen ’em all. In fact, Thor, Civil War & Black Panther are the last 3 movies I’ve seen at the theaters. The only others I’ve seen at a theater in the last 5 years are Force Awakens & Ultron.

    Jen has seen about half. She’s got both Avengers, the Captain America Trilogy, Dr. Strange, GotG 1 & 2 and Spiderman. I’ll have to fill her in on Thor & BP. Might try to watch Ant Man if it’s on Netflix, as Paul Rudd movies are always fun for all.

  3. Jake Says:

    Only 3 weeks later I’ve bought tickets & hired a babysitter. Jen & I are seeing Infinity War on Friday night. Way stoked.

    We actually rented Black Panther last night (can’t believe it’s already on video), and watched that. Still, she could use a refresher course on some of the characters. Normally she asks during the movie, but that only works at home.

  4. Focusoqs Says:

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