“TiVo Deathwatch Is Prophetic”

Today, Jake posted to following on Twitter:

(The link is to this page.)

A cursory glance shows that this site has at least 44 posts with TiVo in the title, starting with the 4th post ever on The Board. And as we all remember, my voyage into TivoLand started with a wedding present over 15 years ago (and try as I might, I can’t find the original website that announced the present, though I know it survived for many years after our wedding). It was so futuristic at the time, and a great present!

But my own TiVo deathwatch has come to an end as well. My history with the platform is well-documented here, but for the last several years, that Series 1 box has sat in the basement in a box (right beside my father-in-law’s Sony Series 1, which I was going to use for a Frankenstein reincarnation experiment that never quite worked years ago).

This weekend, both TiVo boxes, with lifetime subscriptions, found their way to a garbage bag, and will be taking their last trip to some landfill tomorrow. Farewell, old friend.