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Another keynote

September 9th, 2015, 8:13pm by Mike

I could be stranded on another planet, but when Apple keynote time comes around, I feel the need to head over to The Board to make a post. This pretty much fits with the frequency of new posts around here. I haven’t watched the keynote itself, but I’ve read a bit today.


So, what did we get today?

  • iPhone 6S. Looks like more than the usual speedbump for the “S” designation. I’m pretty sure I’ll be jumping in on this one, to replace the now-three-generations-old iPhone 5 I have. Besides the things I’m most excited about (more storage, Touch ID, Apple Pay — which aren’t new), the new camera looks good, but I’m not sure about “3D Touch.”  I think the iOS interface is getting way to complicated — they keep adding on new, more complicated ways to “get out of our way,” and it’s getting to be a mess. Maybe it’ll be better in person, but now, in addition to where I touch, and whether I move my finger(s) while touching, I also have to think about how hard I’m touching. I guess it’ll either be intuitive or completely confusing, we’ll have to see.
  • AppleTV. Since getting our new TV, we only use the AppleTV for one thing — AirPlay. Looking at the features of the new AppleTV, we already have all the streaming services, a nice interface (thanks to WebOS), and even a remote that allows us to do the “smart search” that Apple is touting (we can say, “Modern Family,” and it’ll tell us which streaming services have it, and also search YouTube, and give links onscreen. It’s pretty awesome.). As such, we’re probably not in the market for this anytime soon. We do want another Airplay receiver for our old TV, but I may save $80 and get an “old” AppleTV instead. Interesting, too, that the new AppleTV did away with optical audio out, which we actually used with our soundbar.
  • iPad Pro. No interest. Interesting that in an atmosphere of declining iPad sales, they’ve decided that what the world needs is a bigger, more expensive iPad. I wonder whether I’ll ever see one of these in public.
  • Apple Watch. Not sure what’s new other than a pink color, but I guess we’re still waiting for the updated OS. I’ll leave this to our Apple Watch correspondent.

So, that’s that. Anybody psyched about any of this?

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