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August 5th, 2015, 7:01pm by Kelvin

So, how do you all organize and manage your notifications on your phones? For me, I have 2 classes of notifications: ones that I want to interrupt me with a sound alert and/or a vibration, and ones that accrue silently on my lock screen and notification shade. The ones that alert me are generally those that I would want to at upon right away: phone calls, text messages, calendar alerts, and Google Now alerts.  The other notifications I use to give me a quick overview of the things that had happened since the last time I checked my phone. I will glance at my lockscreen to check these when I have down time: things like Giants score changes, emails received, Twitter/Facebook notifications, a bunch others. 

I’ve been thinking about this system a lot since getting an Apple Watch– I mirror all these notifications there, pretty much with the same 2-tier system, but of course, I am able to discreetly check my watch much more often than my phone, so I think I tend to be distracted more often by the second class notifications. Not sure if I like that. 

TiVo on the AppleTV

August 1st, 2015, 1:55am by Jake

At long last. Tivo finally updated their app so it supports AirPlay. That means I can now stream tv shows from the living room TiVo onto the bedroom tv via an iPad or iPhone. Tested it tonight and it works fine. A long overdue technology on the one hand, on the other hand it’s nice that the AppleTV, TiVo & iPad manage to improve years after the release of these models.

anyone else rocking this or a similar configuration? Living off of OTA tv and Netflix, this handy tool will make it practical to dump even Hulu, which we’ve kept for the tv watching flexibility.

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