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Apple Event, 9/9/2014

September 10th, 2014, 6:40pm by Mike

I think yesterday’s Apple event needs some discussion.

For me, I’m pretty likely to get a new iPhone, and was of course psyched to see what they’d put forward, but it was more a question of “how big is too big.” And what else I’d give up if I decided to stay with the smaller model — battery life and some minor camera features. So far, my verdict is the iPhone 6, 64 GB. Glad they don’t offer a 32 GB, makes the choice easy.

I was much more interested in the watch, and I’m veering between crazy excitement and thinking it sounds kinda dumb. And this is from a guy who’s been wearing a smartwatch for a good while. My real feeling is that it’s going to create a lot of disappointment in the market — the tech really isn’t there yet. I already understand this from experience — it’s a little bit of a pain that your whiz bang watch needs your phone for most of its cool functionality — if you want your mail on your wrist, your phone had better be in your pocket. Same with maps. Same with text messages. And a big one — same with GPS (if you want to map your run, or accurately measure your distance, you need your phone — which means you don’t need your watch). Oh, and it’s not waterproof. So the fitness watch can’t replace my current fitness watch.

And how well does it maintain the Bluetooth connection? How well does it re-pair when you leave the phone on your desk while walking across the office?

And the battery life? This is one thing that Pebble actually (comparatively) nailed — I’m good for at least a week, and don’t travel with the power cord. But no mention of battery life from Apple, presumably because it sucks and they’re trying to improve it before launch.

It just feels like Apple is promising a lot, and I didn’t hear a lot about how they’re addressing the problems that already exist with smart watches. As an early adopter who wants to buy another smartwatch, I should be their target audience — I was really hoping they’d solve the problems I actually have with my current smartwatch.

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