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Surface mini

February 26th, 2013, 6:52am by Kelvin

WP_20130226 There was no real reason to do this, but I just installed Splashtop 2 on my iPad mini, which lets you remote connect to a Windows or Mac PC. With my PC running Windows 8, this gave me a chance to play with the touchscreen capabilities. Pretty cool, but in the end, the apps really aren’t there yet for Windows 8. It is nice to have a full feature browser though. I’m posting this from the web interface because of the lack of a WordPress app, ha!

Prius V

February 18th, 2013, 1:20pm by Mike

Seems crazy, but it was almost 9 years ago that I first drove a Prius, now we own one! It’s really funny to go back and re-read that post and the first comment on it — the technology has certainly gotten better, but the experience is pretty similar.

I’d say that driving our new Prius V, it feels like Toyota is really trying to give the most futuristic driving experience possible. The car has all sorts of technology built-in — nav system, Bluetooth audio/phone, and the crazy “energy flow display” (not the official name) that shows whether you’re running off of electricity, gasoline, or a combination of the two, and whether the battery is being recharged. Unlike 9 years ago, there is no longer any keyhole/port in the dashboard — the key stays in your pocket. As long as you have the key, the doors unlock when you touch them, and the car starts when you push the power button. The key basically never leaves my pocket, except when locking the car while walking away.

The “v” model of the Prius is a station wagon — it has more interior cargo space, and larger (and sliding) backseats than the regular model. It’s slightly larger capacity than the Jetta wagon we’re replacing (I think), but not hugely different. It is taller, though, so it feels much more spacious inside.

Of course, its selling point is its fuel economy. We’re only on our second full tank of gas, but so far, it’s getting in the high 30s on average — below the rating of 44, but over twice what we were getting in the Jetta. I think the cold weather also has something to do with it — not sure, but I’m guessing that the gas engine is required for heating the car.

Will post pictures soon, but the picture above is what it looks like (without the snow that’s been covering it lately).

New iPad 4!

February 2nd, 2013, 3:34pm by Mike

Like all of you recently, I’ve just joined the new iPad club! But I went with the iPad 4, since I use this as my main “fun computer,” and I wanted the larger screen + retina display so I could read and type. I went for the 32GB wifi-only version.

In my setting it up, of course I wanted to compare to the iPad 1. The new one at least feels thinner (due to the bezel being tapered), and a little lighter, but not really that much, probably.

I was interested in whether the wifi was actually faster, as they claim, so I set up a real-world test (not a perfect one) — I started the download of the new issue of Wired on both iPads at the same time, on my home 5 GHz network (yes, I know, doing it at the same time isn’t fair). Interestingly, the version the iPad 4 downloaded was 322 MB, while the one that the iPad 1 version downloaded was 224 MB, presumably due to the presence/absence of retina graphics. The new iPad smoked the old one — the 322 MB version was downloaded when the iPad 1 was at 162 MB — in this test, the new iPad actually was 2x as fast.

I’ve always wondered whether the retina display was worth it or not, and I’ll decide after using it for a while — but side-by-side, it’s pretty noticeable.

Finally, it’s much faster — clearly a combination of the much faster processor, the and the fact that there isn’t a ton of crap on the new one (the old one is jailbroken, and there may be some tweaks that slow things down even further than before)

I’ll write more as I get things set up — I’m very likely to be jailbreaking it tomorrow (and upgrading/rejailbreaking my iPhone, too), should be fun.

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