The Best of CES: An Historical Review

January 9th, 2012, 11:52am by Jake

I think we should collect the Best of CES award winners from the last couple decades & see how well these ad wizards do at finding the most promising new technologies. Started off well enough (at least in my search) with Replay TV winning the award in 2009.

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  1. Jake Says:

    OK, here’s a contender. Apparently the original XBox won the award in 2001. Like the Pre, the XBox was a modest hit upon its release. Unlike the Pre, its successor product has proven to be one of the most innovative & successful products of the past decade.

  2. Jake Says:

    Moxi won the award in 2002 (!!!) narrownly beating out the Danger Hiptop. It was nearly a decade before the product was available at retail… which didn’t last long.

  3. Kelvin Says:

    I think it’d be more fun to recount the things that *we* thought were interesting. Last year, I remember talking about Homeycomb (obviously), WiFi Direct Mode for Eye-Fi, the EVO Shift 4G. Thankfully, we knew better than to make a big deal about 3D TV, but still we were pretty much 0 for 2011 (feel free to disagree if you still use wifi direct mode, Mike). 2010 was all about video recording coming to the Pre, right :). We spent way too much time thinking about the impact of the Verizon PrePlus launch. Meanwhile, the PreiPads were out in full force, trying to one-up whatever Apple had in store. Yeah, how did that turn out? 2009? Was there anything other than the ill-fated Pre preview?

  4. Mike Says:

    I won’t defend DirectMode on Eye-Fi — kludgy at best. Much like Eye-Fi itself, it works, but it doesn’t “just work.”

  5. Kelvin Says:

    I’d love to see the Nokia Lumia 900 take off, but the curse of CES has tempered my expectations a bit. Still, the industrial design seems second only to the iPhone IMO. Can’t believe the Android vendors don’t emphasize hardware design more– that’s a best way for them to differentiate.

  6. Jake Says:

    I was having fun flipping through this video with highlights from CES 2001.

    Couldn’t find THE best of 2003, here are the category winners:

    The best of 2004:

    Best in Show 2006 was an MP3 player:

    2007’s winner was a dual Blu-Ray HD-DVD player. Whoops. But also of note is the Sync was the people’s choice. That’s People 1, Tech Writers 0.

    Ah yes, another TV named winner in 2008. Wonder how much better it is than the 2004 winner?

    2009 was the Palm Pre, possibly the high point in the history of CES introductions. Also possibly the low point. Ahh, it’s star burned bright but it burned fast.

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