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MacBook Air

July 25th, 2011, 7:23pm by Jake

It was time.

Fun in the City

July 16th, 2011, 11:08am by Kelvin


Here’s a little recap of some of the highlights of our vacation so far. Thrown together using PhotosBG, a glitchy $5 SD iPad SD card reader, and some photos straight out of my D90.

Sungs’ School for Gifted Youngsters

July 11th, 2011, 2:57am by Kelvin


… located in Westchester County in NY, was the secret home of the latest Pyslent Reunion. Can’t help thinking about the winds of change sweeping this wayward group when looking at this photo, but of course, in many ways, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Anyway, BBQ was great, Brandon and Lucas are getting along great, Adam and Tiffany got along great, and as always, it was great to see everyone!

Waiting for the Shuttle Launch

July 8th, 2011, 10:38am by Kelvin

Day 5 with the HP TouchPad

July 5th, 2011, 11:42pm by Jake

Man, I mean man, there are so many things to like about this device, compared to a laptop or an iPad. I doubt any other product with this many bugs could’ve hoped to get 7.5 stars from This Is My Next. And if HP squashes them, it’d be a 9.5 in my book, if only the App Catalog could solve the problem that the Chiefs running game never did quite do during DT’s  heyday.

So what’s so great? Well, my 3 accessories arrived. I’m typing this post on the Bluetooth keyboard, solid Chicklet keys for sure. Meanwhile the TouchPad is strudily propped up on the HP case. Could even leave the case and use Touchstone charging right through it, and use the keyboard in much the same way. It’s really quite snappy, the random bouts of epic sluggishness are far fewer and further between compared to that which I became accustomed on the Pre. The screen is great, not just for photos but text rendering as well… Why don’t laptops render text so artfully as tablets?

Ah, but it’s a Palm 1.0 product, and what would that be without its share of bugs.Unlike the Pre, at least this sucker is genuinely finished. And polished. But persnickety bits persist in their own fashion. Random reboots are a few a day, although I now have gathered they’re more like interface resets rather than a few cycle. Thankfully, the former takes well under a minute while the latter takes not much more. When that’s happened, it took some Flickr Mundo settings with it, a couple or 3 times so far. Exhibition or Mundo with exhibition is not quite working, as it keeps beginning with the clock displayed instead of my Flickr wallpaper as it should. Exhibition is just a screen saver, for those not in the know, that works while it’s charging on the Touchstone dock.

Surprising to me even though it shouldn’t be, is the mystery of the jumping screen focus. Happens whilst typing in the browser, suddenly I’m magically transported across the page where I can no longer see the form field. Day 1 Pre bug, discouraging it’s still not solved. Bugs with many other apps too, not sure who’s to blame but doesn’t much matter to the user. Typing with the screen propped and the keyboard on my lap works quite well, better than it has any right. Flash settings aren’t sticking properly– either nothing plays or everything plays automatic, even when I’ve selected the option to disable. My Yahoo! Mail magically appeared after a 2 day absence. Rumors are the big bug fix is coming in less than a month, and once it does I would readily recommend it to anyone looking for a great web browsing tablet, social networking tablet or someone that wants a non-Apple tablet.

For now, only true gadget geeks, those with a faith that HP will plug holes in due course, and disillusioned fanboys with a glutton for punishment should bother picking one up. Luckily for HP, I fit neatly into 2 of those categories. Hmmm…. Looks like my shift key might be unintentionally sticky, through hardware or software. Keep an eye on that one. While apps are sparse, there are some gems. I believe that if HP pushes and pushes, and fixes the bugs and supports their devices better, the apps will arrive, though never in iPad quantities.

Secret Notes

July 4th, 2011, 8:47pm by Mike

Was going through some things on my computer and realized I hadn’t posted the following!

The backstory: After being on a case that required me to be in Connecticut for 4 months, staying at the Mystic Marriott, Derrick decided that it was time for him to cash in some Marriott rewards points, and suggested… the Mystic Marriott for a get together! I couldn’t really stomach the idea for myself, but it sounds like Derrick and Co. had a good time taking in the sights.

And when I arrived the next week, there was a secret note for me at check-in! My work colleagues, who are all very status-and-points conscious, thought I must have hit some new level of super-platinum or something, and gotten a private message from Mr. Marriott, but it was actually much better.

Here’s what I got, thanks to Brandon and Tiffany! The one asking about tornadoes in Boston was a little creepy — I got these the day a tornado hit Springfield, Massachusetts (tornadoes had been in the news the previous week).

Test post

July 2nd, 2011, 7:47pm by Kelvin


Word press app for iPad is very bare bones, as is the one for android. No text formatting available, other than manual HTML.

The HP TouchPad is here!

July 2nd, 2011, 7:31pm by Jake

After more than @ years, the global business unit formerly known as Palm has finally released a new flagship device, which is in the words of Josh Topolsky, the first real challenger to the iPad. Genius, yet flawed. Almost like the Pre all over again, really. Listening to TIMN Podcast, their comments were spot on. Fun to use, even if I’m just scratching the surface so far. The same inexplicable sluggishness that plagues the Pre remains, only less so. Coming from the Pre this is no big deal, but I imagine iPad users would be perplexed. The keyboard is decent, at least acceptable thumb typing in portrait mode. Apps seem good- like this WordPress app is pretty sweet and easy to use. It can lots of thing!

  • Bolding text
  • Italicizing, underlining
  • Although turning off text features seems to be downright buggy!
  • Bullets.

So I finally got underlining turned off. More generally, stacks works pretty awesome. Nice to have a nearly full keyboard available, especially compared to iProducts. Notifications are simply stellar, and I can even make phone calls! The accessories arent here yet, so I wont rmable too much longer. Autocorrect seems way too passive for a touch keyboard. But I do hear a major update is coming to speed things up and hopefully actually ship the Kindle and movies app. Looking forward to getting the Touchstone dock (which is in auto correct) and keyboard, seems like that could work really well. Will have to spend a few more days to discover its capabilities let me know if there are any features you want me to test.

Another auto correct note, some seems silly. It wanted to replace sre with Pre instead of are even though the p is nowhere near the s. Not sure if thats a special case or if HP is ignoring key location with their auto correct. I do Mike (auto corrected from oike) that it keeps a running tally of the autocorrected words. This review is very meta and now even more so.

Dang getting an error trying to post. Will have to sort that.

Addendum: so I never could get it to post from the TouchPad, doesn’t even show up in drafts. Ended up copying & pasting and sending an email (another story), then recreating some of the formatting here. Noticed Mike has an iPad test post in draft status too, wonder if that’s related? I’ll give it a go on another blog, and if that doesn’t sort it, wait for a WordPress update.

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