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Roku vs. Apple TV

November 26th, 2010, 11:58pm by Jake

Apple TV 2 vs. new Roku

So I think I’m going to buy one of these for mom. She likes Netflix, so that’s the primary use. Google TV just offers up a browser as an extra, which doesn’t seem worth it at this point. And the TiVo is just overkill. So it’s down to this. Which is the better product for watching Netflix? And which has better Extras– iTunes is nice for the Apple TV, whereas the Roku is more kitchen sink oriented. Anyone use either extensively?

The Operation Jack Marathon

November 11th, 2010, 11:11pm by Jake

Well, this is it. It almost seems as if the whole year has been building to this moment, to this event. The way things lined up. Way back, over a year ago, I learned of Sam Felsenfeld’s plan to run 60 marathons in 2010 to raise money for autism charities, in honor of his son. As he stumbled toward the start, I offered words of encouragement and further support. And decided to run a few marathon (or 3, as it turned out) under the Operation Jack banner while raising some money. Never my thing, I pulled in over $1000. Thanks for that. Meantime, there’s this crazy Sand Dune Park thing. Through all that, I ended up co-founding CORE, with over 4000 members via Facebook & petitions.

And then Sam ran out of races– he needed a run for the last weekend of the year, December 26. So I found a course, tracked own some contacts, and wham! The Operation Jack Marathon. And Half Marathon, because are you notes, no one is running a marathon on 6 weeks notice! So here I am, on this crazy thing. There’s much more to the story beyond me, and you can start peeling back onion layers. Bottom line, I’ve made this my mission for the next 7 weeks as a way of doing good, gathering karma, honoring family and all that. Plus helping Sam’s hard work pay off in a big way, — finding sponsors, marketing, contacting media and so on.

So hope some Pyslent people can join in. In addition to the half & full marathons, there will also be Operation Jack satellite runs– 6.1 miles (or maybe 61 minutes) of walking or running, wherever you are. You’ll get a t-shirt, medal and be a part of a nationwide, grass roots event. So if you’re in LA, hope you can join the run or just attend. If you’re in Boston or New York or San Francisco or San Diego, you can join in running the satellite Operation Jack Runs. Satellite sign-ups aren’t live yet, but will be soon. Hope you can be a part of this in some way. Thanks.

Delta II Launch from Manhattan Beach

November 6th, 2010, 12:31am by Jake

Delta II COSMO-SkyMed Launch, as viewed from Manhattan Beach, originally uploaded by jakerome.

Still wish Derrick & Montana had gotten to see a rocket launch up close. Hopefully they each enjoy this long-exposure shot a few blocks from home. Turns out I didn’t need 142 second exposure or a 10mm lens– 100 seconds with a 20mm would’ve worked quite well. Nevertheless, this came out well, showing the arc clearly while the solid rocket motors burned bright, fading away as it sailed higher into the whiter clouds with less fuel burning.

Was actually down there Monday & Tuesday nights as well, only to see each launch get scrubbed with less than a minute to go. Worked better tonight!

Playing hooky…

November 3rd, 2010, 5:26pm by Kelvin

… For the Giants parade.

What does HP have planned for webOS?

November 1st, 2010, 2:50am by Jake

Amid sputtering sales of webOS devices (from the internet’s most reliable source of information on Palm sales), the question becomes, what is the HP strategy? While the Pre 2 looks like a decent upgrade, it’s about 6 months overdue and has many observers, from Engadget to Precentral, wondering is this might have been planned for release months sooner but delayed by the HP acquisition. While that may or may not be true,the fact is that it’s been almost a year since Palm could have any claim on having the most compelling smart phone on the market. Having now been eclipsed by half a dozen Droids, the iPhone 4, several Galaxy variants,  and even some WP7 devices Palm fans are left wondering if there’s any life left in the platform. Well, while the Pre 2 might have been met with a collective shrug, the reviews of webOS 2.0 have been really good, with none other than Josh Topolsky raving about the mobile OS.

So HP is still in the game. And the game isn’t over, not close. But HP better bring their “A” game early in the early part of 2011, as in CES. I won’t say this is what I’m hoping for, or what I’m expecting, but it’s what I expect HP to do if they want to leap far past WP7, Blackberry & Meego to make it a 3-horse race. Or at least stay in the field.

  1. Update all webOS devices with HP webOS 2.0
  2. Release their tablet OS, with 2 tablet sizes (7″ & 10″) at prices that undercut Apple by $50 for the 10″ screen and sell the 7″ version for $350.
  3. Three new phones. The now-standard 4.1″ monster slate. A 3.1″ w/ portrait keyboard, and a 3.7″ landscape slider. Would like the Pre w/ a bigger screen, but that’s doubtful since the Pre2 will continue on. All 1GHz or better chips.
  4. Yeah, launch some printers with it.
  5. Heck, get into the Photoframe thing in a real way. Stick some Pixi-esque hardware in there, a decent 7″ screen and sell it for $200. With no cell radio, a resistive touchscreen & cheap internals, the price can get real aggressive. And it’s a poor man’s tablet in a pinch (think Nook Color).
  6. Apps up the wazoo. I would not be surprised if HP announced 5000 new apps at launch. They are encouraging all employees to write programs, and they have a lot of folks on payroll.

As some noted, with the  slate phones seeming to dominate, it becomes more about software than hardware. HP webOS has the software chops, but Palm hasn’t ante’d up yet in the headline contest. Will they ever?

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