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So I’ve seen that Kelvin has favorited A LOT of my photos on Flickr–30 in total, possibly more than anyone. I’m really glad Kelvin digs my photography. Or more accurately, the my photography & choice of subjects. You can see them all using FD’s Flickr Toys. Just for fun, I decided to breakdown those 30 photos, Harper’s style.

Photos that feature Lucas: 20

Number of Lucas photos taken by Kelvin: 5

Photos featuring Montana: 4

Photos featuring Serena: 7

Pyslent group photos: 4

Number that are sepia-toned: 1

Cameraphone shots: 3

Photos that include Kelvin: 14

Number where only Kelvin’s hands are visible: 4

Photos of Jake: 8

Number featuring Jake holding a sign: 1

Total number of photos featuring 1 or more members of the extended Pyslent family: 28

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Palm is Doomed (Redux)

So the fortunes of Kelvin and I have taken a turn for the worse the past few months, especially the past few weeks. The big “news” is that analysts are reporting that sales are slow at Verizon and store employees have been recommending Droids over the Pre. These concerns have caused shares to fall, and the momentum seems to be self-sustaining… it’s almost as if these analysts are making recommendations and setting targets as they chase the stock price up or down! Nevertheless, this is either an epic buying opportunity or the end of any early retirement plans I may have dreamed of.

Now, since the quarter ends on Friday, we should expect Palm to warn about a revenue miss on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Monday would be appropriate, as it’s the 10-year anniversary of both Palm’s debut as an independent company and Palm’s high-water mark in share price. In for a penny, in for a pound at this point. Normally, I wouldn’t be worried, but the mainstream “me-too” media smells blood in the water and are really pushing the Palm-is-doomed storyline, which could very well hurt sales. Palm will set their story straight on March 18 or sooner. Any guesstimates about how Palm will do?


Rogue Wave!

Well, more of a tidal surge from the looks of it. This might have been the largest of a half-dozen waves that struck just outside of the Mavericks Big Surf competition. This is the best video yet found, but there must be dozens out there. Take a look.

Edit, looks like I can’t embed YouTube videos. Drat. Here’s the link.


Windows Phone


Can’t believe that nobody’s said anything about the new Windows Phone 7 OS! Completely threw out the old Windows Mobile, to the point that it sounds like old apps won’t run on it without emulation. I haven’t dived too deeply into it, but from the screenshots I’ve seen, it looks like a completely new idea of a smartphone OS. Aesthetically, the extended desktops look really nice, but the tile interface (pictured) looks awkward, and I can’t figure out whether it’s actually functional or not.

Still, Gizmodo characterizes Windows Phone 7 as nothing short of game-changing:

The three most significant companies in desktop computing—Apple, Google and Microsoft—now stand to occupy the same positions in mobile.

The core organizing principle of Windows Phone 7 is this idea of hubs, which sounds pretty cool — really gets at the idea that your information, not your apps, should be the core of the device (that we think in terms of people to contact, not which app to use to contact them) — kinda like Synergy, but more pervasive through the whole OS, from what I’ve gathered. Guess you have to hope that your developers are onboard with all that. All info syncs over the air (no desktop sync in sight), and of course, there’s a marketplace.

So what do you guys think, does Microsoft have a chance here, or are they simply too late to the game?



Not quite shredding (I’m on skis). But having a nice time on the slopes. Weather is amazing! Read the rest of this entry »


Can TiVo Come Back?

I can’t remember the last time TiVo scheduled an “event” but it looks like they’re finally releasing something new. A decade after pioneering DVRs, is TiVo ready to upgrade its interface? Will they raise the bar with the next-generation of HD DVRs? Or will TiVo just polish their perfectly fine, best-in-class product where everyone is already happy with good enough?

There’s some discussion over at Zatz Not Funny. Any guesses?

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Lost Addicts

No, I’m not referring to any Pre app, I’m talking about this week’s Lost theory. Specifically, the time travelly bits. Skip the rest if you haven’t watched the first 110-odd episodes.
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Flickr Addict

No I’m not referring to any Board member in particular, I’m talking about this week’s WebOS app review! The developer of the app in question is a member of a WebOS group that Jake and I co-administer on Flickr, and Jake promised to write up a review of his app at some point. I thought I could use this post as a sounding board to help generate some ideas that Jake could incorporate. To be upfront, we both love this app, and we think it deserves better than the sub-300 unique downloads that it has achieved to date. Maybe a review on Precentral will generate some interest in this useful app.

Flickr Addict has a simple purpose– it switches your phones wallpaper at scheduled intervals with photos from Flickr. Here’s a screenshot of its App Catalog page:

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Gearing up for a Tahoe Trip

Testing the default category on the Board using Flickr’s Blog This feature.

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Lunch with the Dimicco men

After getting the Pre protected with Ghost Armor. I’d add a link, but apparently Poster only lets you add links at the end of the page. Oh well. Heres something underlined. Just finished a hearty lunch at Joe’s American Cafe of french dip sandwich, french onion soup and french fries. Here’s Mike.


Ghost Armor