Once again, it’s Oprah

Once again, it’s Oprah


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Let’s Party!


Anyone want to play some XBox with us? 


Red or Orange?

Babies R Us has the Macleran Triumph at a good price ($150).


iPhone Google Voice Search

Google’s iPhone application looks top-notch. For some reason, Apple delayed releasing the software, but it should be due Monday. This is something Pyslent has been wanting for a long, long time. Looking forward to hearing Mike’s review. Really, this is the killer app that could end the smart phone game just as it got interesting. Of course, I’m sure this will be out on Android soon, and probably other platforms. I only found a few posts (1 2) about voice-recognition to control phones, but I know we had a long thread trying to guess what a real next-gen interface would look like. Take a scan through the portable tech archives to see if you can find it. I seem to remember wanting to select sounds by tapping out a beat. Oh, I remember when do-everything GPS devices were just a dream.


Los Angeles fire

Los Angeles fire

The Yorba Linda has trapped my friend Brett out of his neighborhood, which is under evacuation orders anyway. Smoke and ash from the fire now smother the south bay, and you can see the smoke is much worse higher in the sky. Catalina coast is clear, but high above it’s gray. And I just had the 2nd person in 5 minutes tell me I would get some Armageddon shots tonight. I’m at the beach now with most of my gear.
Updated with an “Armageddon” shot.
Lower sky clear to Catalina

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Statics Problem

I’m trying to mount these 5 lb speakers on my wall like so, so I’m taking a poll. I’ll probably screw a square bracket the wall, and then attach the speaker to the bracket with a single screw, either at position A or position B. Which do you think is preferable?  I’d rather use position A, because there’s a screw hole there in the speaker itself, whereas position B is on a mounting plate that attaches to the speaker (near position A).  The obvious downside to using Position A is that a big wall reaction force (Rx) is generated, which not a problem in itself, but means that there’s shear on the screw at Position A. Is that a good enough reason to go with Position B?


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Central Park in the Fall

Sheep Meadow, Central Park

I’m still amazed by the fall colors here on the East Coast. Who knew what I’d been missing all these years. This is a shot of Sheep Meadow – a bunch of professional looking photographers had their tripods up to capture this scene so I thought I’d pop in behind them with my point-and-shoot. Not bad, you think?


Whole Foods wine

Whole Foods wine


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Election Day

Make sure you vote.


Ten Years Running

It was 10 years ago today
Well, yesterday I ran the Santa Clarita 1/2 Marathon, returning to the old home of the Sung clan. After having run the marathon the last two years in 80 degree plus heat, I was relieved to see that the high would be in the 60s under mostly cloudy skies. I had a good run, finishing in 1:56:59, faster than expected considering my 5-month long taper. Good splits, too. I was moving at about 9:02/mile through mile 9, then got a little adrenaline and ran the last 4+ miles at about 8:30/mile. I checked the results, and I passed the 10 people finishing behind me after mile 5.5.
But seriously, today marks the 10th year since I started running regularly, on November 3, 1998. I think it was a 2.5 mile around the UCSD campus w/ my friend Jeff, and I was completely out of breath hauling my 195-pound frame around the wooded trails outside of RIMAC. Since then I’ve run/ ellipticaled/ sand duned/ the equivalent of 12,571.6 miles. That’s 2 full Gumps! Along the way I’ve run 18 marathons, 17 half marathons and dozens of other races. I’ve run with dozens of friends, and entered races with Mike, Derrick, Jeff, Keith H., Aaron, Jake S., Ken M., Jimmy V., Jon R., Joanie, Levis, Al, and probably some others that I can’t remember right now. I’ve run marathons stride-for-stride with Jeff, Aaron, Jon & Ken (twice). I’ve run inside & outside, in California, Hawaii, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Illinois, Nevada and probably a couple other states.
It’s been a long journey. I still have plenty more in my legs. Maybe I’ll see you on the road.