The Big Game

EA Sports released a video showing game highlights of their full simulation of the SuperBowl on Madden 08. Patriots win, 38-30.
They’ve correctly predicted the SuperBowl winner the last 5 years. ‘Nuff said.


Vegas on Fire!

monte carlo fire

The Monte Carlo was on fire earlier today. Not really Pyslent news, right? Except that I have a room booked at the Monte Carlo for the weekend of February 8th! Crazy man.


TurboTax for about $20

From Slickdeals.net comes word of TurboTax Deluxe 2007 (federal & state) for $21 from Costco. Offer expires tomorrow, so order now.


Jake’s New Car

I downloaded an 2007 Nissan Altima SE for my Forza 2 racing game and proceded to smoke a field that included a Civic, a Focus, and a Celica. Looks like Jake made the right choice :). OK, so mine wasn’t a hybrid– what’s an extra hundred horsepower, anyway?

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Hertz workers?

Hertz workers?

All 4 Herts employees working hard to avoid tending to the dozen customers
waiting in lime for 20+ minutes. I don’t think they’re even trying.


XBOX 360

Alright, I got an Xbox 360 Elite for X-mas. And yes, I love it. Here’s my gamertag (I haven’t played that much, for obvious reasons, which explains my pathetic gamer score).

Anyway, I was going to put together a comprehensive review upon announcing my new toy, but I couldn’t wait to post this nugget about Rock Band. For those of you who don’t know, Rock Band is a full band version of Guitar Hero, allowing up to 4 people to play instruments in a virtual band, either together or online. It comes with a pretty comprehensive track listing, which includes such classics as Orange Crush and Creep. You can download additional songs from Xbox Live, and they have been releasing new songs every week. So onto the big news: Joystiq reports leaked info that next week’s release will be an Oasis pack, including arguably their 3 most popular songs! Unbelievable, as Steve Jobs would say.
I know it’s a pretty big committment, but what do you guys think about really getting the band together this time?

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Pyslent at the Keynote

OK, only one of us is even in the same metro area as today’s keynote, and I doubt that 9am is going to agree with that particular person. But I’m planning on taking a lunch break, heading to a local internet hotspot, and getting on AIM. See you there, 12pm EST. Any of you west coasters going to be online by then?
P.S. — I’m making my guess on announcements by categorizing this as “portable tech” — I’m really hoping for that subnotebook!


The Long-Awaited iPhone Review

Just over a month ago, I got an iPhone, as a result of my much-beloved Treo biting the dust in a fall from my dresser to the floor. While most people know that I am a huge Apple fan, I was still a little leery of the iPhone, and some of its known shortcomings. So I bought it, and signed up for an AT&T contract, thinking that if things were really bad, I could return everything. Well, I still have it, which says that I’ve at least managed how to live with the little annoyances. In fact, I think it’s a great phone. Read on for the long, gory, detailed review.

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Just went ahead and upgraded the PowerMac to Leopard. Nothing to report so far, other than drill-down folders in the Dock no longer work. I’ll pass along other findings as I discover them, good or bad. Anyone else running Leopard yet?

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Pop up madness

This is why you need a pop up blocker, I guess! I went to Serena’s Mom’s mac and tried to close Safari, and I was warned that there were 50 open windows…
Check out the expose view.