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AT&T Spills the Beans

November 30th, 2007, 12:04pm by Jake

Did you see AT&T announced that the 3G iPhone is coming next year? Steve (and Fake Steve for that matter) is gonna be pissed! Robert X. Cringely thinks it’s AT&T sending a message that they’re the big dog, but who knows what really happened. Everyone pretty much knew that the 3G iPhone would arrive eventually, most likely next year, so does this really change anything?

Jake’s Next Car Thread

November 26th, 2007, 8:53pm by Jake

Today seems like car day here on Pyslent. Seems like everyone else at Pyslent has gone through multiple cars since we all landed in San Diego, while I’m still driving the ‘ole Neon. It’s fun to drive & all… but it kinda sucks. And I figure it’s time for a new car what should it be? The Ford Focus is on the table due to Sync, the Scion tC seems to be well-regarded, the Prius or Hybrid Civic gets me green street cred. The Mini is getting a lot of Pyslent. And the Nissan Altima & Accord also seem to have solid Bluetooth capability. What should it be?
TV all packed up

Sync Demo at the local Mall

November 26th, 2007, 3:48pm by Kelvin

Ford has a kiosk demo-ing Sync on their Edge SUV. They are making a real push to market their cars on this technology. Pretty interesting, but I guess anything to take the “Focus” off their cars :).

New Car!

November 26th, 2007, 10:01am by Mike

As a result of my Camry getting totalled, I have a new car! It’s a 2004 Mini Cooper, which I’ve been wanting for a long time. It’s a great city car — easy to park, fun to drive, and good on the gas mileage. We bought it from an Acura dealer, and got a really good deal on it. Click for larger pictures of the front and back.

Don’t have too much else to report yet — it seems to handle rain and light snow pretty well so far, and was able to pick up the in-laws at the airport with no problem (though we had to put down half of the backseat to carry luggage). Next task is to install the auxilliary audio cable for iPod connectivity.

Fake Bono

November 23rd, 2007, 7:59pm by Mike

Don’t know if you guys follow Fake Steve Jobs or not, but the last couple posts are pretty funny. The story is that Bono hung out with Steve at Thanksgiving, and hijacked the FSJ blog for a couple of posts [1, 2]. Lots of U2 references ensue…

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22nd, 2007, 11:47am by Jake

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Going out for Breakfast

November 17th, 2007, 11:25am by Kelvin

Lucas woke up early this morning so we took a walk out to Starbucks. It’s not as trivial a decision as when we used to have 3 Starbucks within 200 feet of us… This one is probably 1.5 miles away! But that’s life in the ‘burbs, eh Derrick?

Get Your Daily Show Fix Here!

November 15th, 2007, 9:34pm by Jake

Here’s a striking Daily Show writer with his Daily Show-style send-up of the TV/movie writer’s strike.



November 15th, 2007, 4:03pm by Mike

Big news! Today we closed on our new place! Everything went smoothly, and we’re happy new owners of a place in Brookline, which is over on the Boston side of the river. Though it’s going to be less urban than our current place (i.e., it’s on a quiet street with no bar across from our house), it’s still not quite the suburbs. We have a T stop about 2 blocks away, which Joanie will be taking to work, and I’ll still be driving to work, about the same distance.
As for the place itself — it’s a condo, the first floor of a two-story place, with an identical unit on top. It was formerly a 2-family house, and a developer bought it last spring, and renovated from the studs out, so the interior and systems are brand new. It’s 3 beds/2 baths, which means that you’ll all have a place to stay when you come visit! (You always had a “place,” it’s just that now that place will be a room!).
We’re planning on moving in after Thanksgiving, so in a couple of weeks.
If you want to see some photos, check out this Flickr set. Note that none of the furniture in these pictures is ours, it’s the realtor’s.


November 15th, 2007, 1:34pm by Mike

It’s the end of an era in our family. For the second time in 7 years, I had a car that was originally my mom’s, and had that car brutally totalled in an accident that was in no way my fault. In both cases, the insurance company agreed with me, and in both cases I was given a check that seemed too small to do any real good in replacing the car.
The first time, some of you may remember, my 1988 Accord was rear ended at a traffic light in San Diego. It didn’t take much to total the 12 year-old car, but there was quite a bit of damage, and I was given about $3500 to find a new car. After scanning the newspaper (that’s where you found cars those days!) Kelvin and I trekked down to Chula Vista in search of the 1993 Saturn SC2 that I ended up buying, after bartering the price with a kid who was younger than my Accord had been (his dad didn’t speak English). As it turned out, the car had a very shady title history (having spent some time South of the Border), and most of the passenger side of the car didn’t work (the side view mirror just sort of wobbled, the automatic seat belt didn’t work, and the door didn’t seal properly). But hey, $3500. The car made the trip to Boston and survived over a year here before we decided we didn’t really need a car, and donated it to charity.
This time, it was a 1997 Camry. I had gotten up to go to work, and gone out to the car, which I had parked on the street the night before. I got to the spot where I thought I had parked it, and the car was gone. In its place was another car, along with some car body parts that were the color of my car. At first I was convinced that I just had forgotten where I parked the car (it’s happened before), but after 20 minutes of walking around the block looking, I was convinced that my car was gone.
A call to the police verified that the car had been towed, because it “had been involved in an accident.” According to the Cambridge Police’s incident report, somebody was driving down the street I was parked on when a tire blew out, and swerved into the line of parked cars, glancing off of the car behind mine (knocking the bumper loose), and hitting mine square on the rear quarter-panel. The car was knocked up onto the curb, causing damage to the wheel on the passenger side as well. Since it was then on the sidewalk, the car had to be towed, and since I don’t have a landline anymore, the police had no way to contact me. A couple days later, the car was declared a total loss, and again, I was given an insurance check.
It’s looking like this one is going to have a happier ending than the last one, though, as far as the replacement. Stay tuned…

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