8 Blueteeth

Just goofing off, but it took quite a bit of effort to generate this screen cap– the icons on the Bluetooth line represent the 8 simultaneous connections on my Q. They are (from left to right):
GPS, ActiveSync, personal area network, FTP (with my laptop), Object Push (with Serena’s Q), headset, stereo bluetooth, and dial-up networking.
Granted, I would never actually use all these services at once (and some not ever at all).


Travis on All Songs Considered

Not sure if you guys listen to All Songs Considered — it’s an NPR show that I think is only on the internet, and I listen to their podcast. It’s kind of hit-or-miss, but occasionally they come through with something good (last week, for example, they played a little of the new Spoon album, which reminded me that I wanted to head over to eMusic and download it).
Anyway, they recorded a Travis concert 2 weeks ago, which they apparently broadcast live on the internet, but now it’s on the podcast. It clocks in at 1 hour 53 minutes. Haven’t listened yet, but should give me something fun to do on the way home from work.
Anybody heard the CD? I wonder if it’ll sound like Keane impersonating Travis impersonating Radiohead. Would be better than if they just sounded like recent Keane.


The War on Liquids

hee hee

Saw this on Flickr. File it under humor.

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Simpsonize Me!

You may have heard that there’s an uber-promoted Simpsons movie coming out soon. As part of it, Burger King has put up a website that allows you to upload a picture of yourself and have it processed into a Simpsons character! I think it worked out pretty well for me — here’s the original picture for comparison.

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Opinions on Online Traffic Schools?

I recently got a speeding ticket going into work (Note: Policeman says that they will not ticket anyone going under 80 mph on I280). Now I find myself shopping for a traffic school.
Here’s a list of approved online traffic schools for the San Mateo County. Anyone here have any experience or thoughts to share? Any gotchas? Personally, I was going to use price as my only criteria (I think the cheapest is $15). But then I thought, maybe I should find one that I can complete on my smartphone! Just look for the simplest webpage design…

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I don’t know if this has been discussed– Infospace has a mobile version of it’s Find It directory that’s optimized for the iPhone, but seems like it would work great on a Treo. By optimized, I think they mean it uses iPhone-inspired colors and fonts. I love how it seems like Apple pioneered the use of a 320 pixel wide html browser. What will they come up with next?
I can’t think of a reason to use it instead of GMM, but it looks pretty. Maybe if you lost your stylus…


Birds on the Wall!

The big wall over our stairs, which has been empty since we moved in. We’d thought about big posters or tapestries to cover it, but nothing seemed quite right. Then Joanie heard about Blik, and their selection of removable wall decals in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We chose these bird stickers, and Joanie got some for her birthday.
I’ve put up a couple of pictures of the beautification process — I think the final result is pretty cool.

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Lucas’ first Giants game!

Lucas’ first Giants game!

Here I am with Kelvin and Lucas as we take Lucas to his first baseball game- Giants vs. Dodgers at the old PacBell Park.


10 years?

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since OK Computer, considered by some as the greatest album of all time, was released? As I’ve said many times, I think it’s definitely among Radiohead’s top 2 albums, anyway, but I’m not sure that it’s the greatest of all time.


ASG2007 on Site

… Well, kind of– Jake and I actually went and bought garlic fries from AT&T Park, before heading back to my condo to watch the game from the comfort of my couch. It’s like we were there!
IMGP0271 (Small).JPG