Rock and Roll in Pictures

This picture is supposed to contain 75 rock references (click to enlarge).

All our faves are there: Radiohead, U2, Blur, GnR, etc.
Via Stereogum


Kelvin Crushes Tiny Town

You can expect to see more pictures arrive over the next few days, but my favorites are the photographs we took at the Nelson-Atkins Museum. Here you can see Kelvinzilla crush a model of the museum. Now that’s art!


Live From Arrowhead Stadium

Jake and I checking in from the friendly confines of Chiefs HQ. We kicked off the game with a great tailgate production, a credit to Chief fans everywhere! Go Team!


Kansas City BBQ

We all got to Kansas City last night, and the first thing we did was eat the best barbecue in Kansas City at Jack Stack BBQ. There was a ton of food and it was all really good- BBQ beef ribs, pork ribs, lamb ribs, baby-back ribs, chicken, crown prime rib and more. Marv gets the award for putting away the most food, as you can see here. You might want to check out their website and try some of their food by ordering online. 5 stars!

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Mars Rover

Here are some really neat pictures of what the Mars rover Spirit looks like as it explores the Red Planet. These are not real pictures, since all the instruments are located on the rover itself; rather, they are synthetic images created from actual images of Mars & the rover. Spaceflight Now reports that “this technology combines visualization and image-processing tools with Hollywood-style special effects.” You can read more about the Mars rovers at Wikipedia or at the official NASA/JPL website. Also, Spirit recently made it to its 1-year martian anniversary, which is about 2 of your Earth years. Oppurtunity, whose launch was covered here, is 1-year old on December 12.


No 360 in sight

Although I wouldn’t use it much as either a gaming console or a media center extender, I found myself drawn to the local Best Buy at lunch to check out the launch. Nothing to report… I was about 5 hours too late to see the last one fly off the shelf. Oh well… at least there’s a Taco Bell next door.


More Google Maps

This site is really cool. It lets you create a customized Google Map with your addresses & notes. This is certainly not the first time someone has done this, as noted by Mike back on this post, but it looks to be the easiest. Just Enter an address or coordinates, add a description, and publish! The map is then viewable by anyone. You could even create a map collectively like Frappr is designed to do, but without the pictures and with a few more details. Obvious things missing are password-protection & a link to find directions. You can take a look at Jake’s World for a simple example.

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LOTS of videos on Akimbo

Akimbo is one of Apple’s competitors in this business of selling or renting digital video clips. They recently released a Media Center-friendly client, meaning you can navigate their site with a remote control. Here’s the ad I saw on engadget proclaiming such:
How does that compare to the number of clips on Apples’ store? Tough to do the apples-to-apples comparison, huh? Maybe Apple can address this in their FAQ for proper English usage.

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Palm Rumors

There have been some rumors floating around regarding upcoming Treos.
This hedge fund report summarizes what I’ve heard most succinctly:
We know that PALM will introduce four new models in CY 06. In January they will introduce the already announced Treo 700 Windows which will be a Verizon exclusivity it will be the first EV-DO Treo on the market. Around the same time we believe PALM will launch a Treo 700p running PALM OS on the Sprint network, both devices will keep same form factor and will capitalize on the Treo strong foothold in the US enterprise Market.
We also learned that PALM will be launching two new products around March 06 codenamed ìHollywoodî and ìLowriderî. According to the Morgan Stanley analyst in Asia (covers HTC) the estimate production output will be 200K devices/month.
ìHollywoodî will be a fancier 3G/GSM smartphone which will represent PALM first attempt at the European GSM market. We know the phone will have no external antenna and will probably he launched by Cingular in the US.
ìLowriderî will be a sub-$300 devices utilizing previous generation radios and providing PALM with an entry level PDA.

Pretty exciting huh? I would love to get rid of that external antennae!
In other news, a new version of TCPMP is out (v0.70)– now displays album art when playing MP3s!


Digicam Exercises

Last weekend, I managed to bike to Marina del Rey and take some pictures from the the entrance to the harbor, and rollerblade to Torrance Beach to take some pictures of the surf– both ends of the South Bay Bike Path. Today, I decided to extend my journey by first biking to Torrance Beach then running along Palos Verdes for a few miles, camera in hand. The Santa Anas were blowing quite strongly so I was hopeful that I could get some nice pictures looking back towards LA; alas, there was a noticeable haze on the horizon and hanging over the are. The pictures still came out nice. My favorite moment was when I noticed the roadside speedometer was measuring my speed! I want as fast as 8, but I couldn’t get that picture since I needed to slow down to take the picture.