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Archive for May, 2004

Captain's log, stardate: no idea

May 30th, 2004, 11:38am by Kelvin

Greetings from the Adriatic Sea!
We are on Day 2 of our Cruise, after leaving Venice yesterday evening. We took a bus tour of London when we got there, and it seems like a real fun city to hang out at… we should make it the site of the next pyslent reunion. Venice was quite interesting. We did a lot of walking thru the city… over the canals and everything, in search of the best deals on designer clothings :). Overall, things have been extraordinarily relaxed– a perfect vacation. We are quite jet lagged though… we missed both breakfast AND lunch today… not getting up until 2 PM… can you imagine that :). We DID make up for it with some afternoon tea and a late buffet.
Anyway, the internet access fee is pretty exhorbitant (35 cents/min), so I’m doing text entry as fast as I can. Where’s the graffiti pad when i need it 🙂
Too bad I can’t upload pics… you’ll all have to wait until I get back to the states.

Is anyobody here?

May 28th, 2004, 1:19pm by Jake

OK, it’s been over a week now since anyone has posted to The Board. Am I the only one left in the Pyslent Virtual Compound? Since Kelvin & Serena are somewhere in the Mediterranean and Mike is in Belgium, and Derrick posts about twice a month, I suppose this is what I should have expected. So, is there anyone left who’s still reading The Board?
Oh, for some related news, there’s now a guestbook feature at Big Day Snapshots, so you should all leave a note for Kelvin & Serena. Just log in like normal, then click on the guestbook link. I’ve been in touch with the developers at Big Day Snapshots, and I was told some even better features are in beta. So after logging on, click here then view the pics. You’ll be able to attach a comment to a specific picture & view what others wrote.
Log on like normal, then click on the Beta table list. From there, you can add comments to specific pictures & view a manual slideshow, plus now you only the tables with pictures on them are shown. Looks like those guys updated their website at the perfect time!

The Simpsons

May 27th, 2004, 3:58pm by Jake

Since 3/4 of our regular authors are overseas (or at least in Portland), it’s been a slow week at the Pyslent Virtual Compound. But I just found this great site, which has a map of Springfield! I know I’m the biggest Simpsons fan, but I think anyone can appreciate the little touches on this map. For example, did you know that Springfield has its own Mystery Spot (near West Springfield)? Wild. Lots of little gems on there, I’m sure.

Congratulations Kelvin & Serena!

May 24th, 2004, 1:22am by Jake

Jus wanted to congratulate Kelvin & Serena once again. It was a load of fun, and we’re all really happy for you two. Just posted my best pictures on a .Mac site, but I’m sure many more will be on Big Day Snapshots really soon!

The gang with the stars.jpg

still dancin'

Anybody like iTunes and W Hotels?

May 20th, 2004, 5:03pm by Mike

Not sure if any of you are fans of either iTunes or W Hotels, but they’re teaming up for a promotion. Apparently one part of it involves events events (“iTunes Days”) where you can listen to an iPod DJ spin tunes and, according to the site, “Shuffle in for AppleTini drinks” (Shuffle? AppleTini? Get it? Pretty clever…)
The second part is that W guests can book the Wired Wonderland package, where you get:
• High Speed Internet Access
• Wi-Fi Access in Living Room*
• 3 iTunes music downloads
• 3-month WIRED magazine subscription
• Unlimited local and toll-free calls
• Plus, Wonderful accommodations you’ll love
Too bad they didn’t have this a month ago!

Rubio's Gets Some Street Credi

May 20th, 2004, 4:09pm by Kelvin

Just a heads up for those of you near a Rubios, or soon traveling to the locales that might have a Rubios. I went there last night (at the Mall) and tried out a new “Carnitas Street Taco” that they are introducing. For $1, I got this tiny taco with carnitas (pork), guac, and onions in a corn tortilla about 4 inches in diameter. It lasted about 3 bites, but VERY tasty! Anyway, I highly recommend it… it’s just like the cheep tacos you can get at the taco stands in Tijuana!

iBook deal gets even better

May 20th, 2004, 11:30am by Jake

Well, I noticed on FatWallet this morning that someone had posted to my iBook deal thread, originally noted here. Turns out, the renewed interest was due to a recent $50 drop in the price (from $995 to $945, but no rebate anymore). So I called up Amazon and asked them to match the price. At first I was offered a $20 gift card (which I certainly would have accepted if it was $50), but then I asked about the return policy. After a few minutes (was he checking my account history?), he said that he credited the full $55 to my credit card (I had paid $1000 originally). Maybe it’s time I spring for another 512MB of RAM.

The Blogosphere

May 17th, 2004, 11:45pm by Jake

I don’t know how they found us, but our Blog is starting to show up in some search engines. I did a search for pyslent (Did you mean: psylent?) on Google, and discovered a reference to our page on Bloglines. Maybe this is how that guy found our post about $0.19 prints at Costco. Anyone else make any Pyslent sightings lately?

Take aim at anti-piracy ads

May 17th, 2004, 2:50pm by Jake

I saw this piece on BoingBoing, and I thought it was pretty interesting. Essentially, they run warnings before movies telling you not to use recorders or cameras in the cinema, and encourage you to snoop on your fellow movie-goers. As a form of civil disobedience, one guy decided to start taking flash photographs of the screen whil the warning is running. Pretty funny, maybe I’ll try it the next time I see a film.

What's Kelvin so Busy With?

May 14th, 2004, 1:54am by Jake

Saw that PalmOne released a Treo 600 software update today, and I’m little surprised that Kelvin hasn’t posted a report yet, nor did alert me to this update when I talked to him. Guess he might have other things to do.

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