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T-Mobile Customer Service

January 27th, 2004, 2:07pm by Mike

So I’m having a problem with my cell phone — since I got back from my trip, the microphone isn’t working. If I call somebody, they can’t hear me. If I’m using the handsfree set, it works fine. The service test of the microphone fails. So I called up T-Mobile the other night to ask them what I could do — I would want to have the phone repaired, since I like it and I have all these awesome accessories for it 🙂
When I called them up and described the problem, they said I could take it to a local T-Mobile store and they’d look at it, and advise me what to do. After a little prodding, the woman agreed to just go ahead and send me a new phone! She said the policy is to send the same phone or a better one, but she thought it would be another t68i (fine by me). And if I don’t like the new phone, I can send it back, and then send my phone in for repairs (unfortunately, that would cost $70). It should arrive later this week. In the meantime, I still have my phone.
So in conclusion, a couple of things:
— The GSM/SIM chip model is a good thing to have, since I can just pop in my SIM and start using the new phone — no worries about copying/syncing things.
— I’m pretty happy (so far) with T-Mobile’s solution to the problem — the phone is out of warranty, and they have no incentive to send me a new one except to try to keep me happy, and I think that it’s great that they’re solving the problem in a way that I am not without a phone at any point.

What the heck is a Jacknote?

January 27th, 2004, 12:49pm by Jake

Well, after the rousing success I had with my 1st online petition, I’ve decided to give it another shot. A little background first.
As you may know, each year there are 2 Macworld Expos in the US, and the highlight of each event is the keynote address by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a.k.a. the Stevenote. These IDG run events have been held in San Francisco (in January) and New York (in July) the last 5+ years. Well, IDG decided to move the show back to Boston this year (into the new convention center), but didn’t bother to check with Apple. Apple said “we’re not coming,” which has thrown the show into doubt (No Apple=No Stevenote=No attendees).
As the Apple Turns is the internet’s most popular Mac-themed, web-based soap opera. It’s really very funny, a rare site that manages to supply news & rumor while providing parody of the same. Think “something like The Daily Show.” Anyways, the author of the site offered to present the keynote address for Macworld Boston. I took that as a sign.
So I wrote up a petition and posted it online. After a slow star, it was mentioned this morning on AtAT; I particularly like the note which says, “Help faithful viewer Jacob Rome take the joke too far!” Now the petition is getting some attention. It’s closing in on 100 signatures, and I don’t think 1000 is out of the question. I wasn’t going to post this, but I figured I’d let you all in early on the next phenomenon that’s likely to sweep the net. Sign the petition, and let all your Mac-using, subtle humor-appreciating friends know about it to!

RSS on My Yahoo

January 23rd, 2004, 12:21pm by Kelvin

From Dan Gillmor’s eJournal, there is a new RSS module in Beta for My Yahoo users. Add it with this link. I’ve tried it with Gizmodo and the Board. Don’t know how often it updates, but it seems to work fine (no pictures, though).

Pictures from recent adventures

January 22nd, 2004, 12:51am by Jake

Just wanted to post some recent pictures. First, here are the pictures from New Years, including the Wine & Cheese party, ringing in the New Year in the local pub, belting out Karaoke tunes, and a spur of the moment trip to Vegas.

Then, this past weekend, I drove down to San Diego to run the SD 1/2 Marathon (1:53:37, 3 minutes too slow!). The race was fun, afterward, we all went to the OB Grille in Ocean Beach to watch the Pats defeat the Colts. The bar was crazy packed with Pats fan, I spent the 4 hours after the race standing up in a crowded bar drinking beer and eating fried food. Then the next two hours in a car. I’ve posted some highlights to my .Mac site.

Finally, Derrick had the day off Monday, and wanted to hang out. I took a really long lunch, and we got tickets to the Clippers game. It was lots of fun! We got front row seats about 30 feet from the court, right next to the tunnel where the cheerleaders hang out. I’ve never been so close to the action for a sporting event. We bought 2 tickets on the street from a “ticket broker.” He wanted $70, but Derrick insisted we pay no more than $60. We flipped for it, they called heads and it came up tails. Not bad $80 seats for $30. To see how good the seats were, take a good look at the pictures here.

Clips pic with Treo

January 19th, 2004, 5:40pm by Jake

Here’s another pic from the game.

Front Row Seats!

January 19th, 2004, 4:36pm by Derrick

jake and i flipped the scalpers for front row clippers tickets $30 each !


Call For Help

January 19th, 2004, 12:14pm by Kelvin

I received this cry for help this morning from a distinguished member of the Pyslent team:
I have a mission for you — find me some good U2-related sites around Dublin — like pubs, houses, whatever. If you find anything send the address & I’ll find my way there!
So I can check e-mail via the Clie, and can receive SMS’s for free.

I’m making this public in the hopes of rallying the Pyslent community around this common cause. Let’s all show Mike what we can accomplish if we put our heads together. Go forth and cyberstalk U2!
(BTW, when he says “sites” and “addresses,” he’s not talking about the kind that start with “http://”)

Crazy Boston Sports Bar

January 18th, 2004, 4:29pm by Jake

My buddy Ken & I are at a crazy Boston sports in OB. You’ve never seen such a bunch of hyped up sports fans in San Diego. 15-0 at half, this place is nuts!!! (Picture too big, will post later.)

Half-marathon finished!

January 18th, 2004, 1:03pm by Jake

Well, here we are after the race! I ran about 1:53:30, pretty good but a little slower than what I wanted to do. My friend Jake ran 1:33, which is ridiculous since he’d never even run 10 miles before.
Here’s a picture of me crossing the finish line.

January 17th, 2004, 11:48am by Mike

Made it to Dublin and headed straight for the Guinness brewery! Don’t know if you can read the note or not, but people from all over the world post msgs there, so I figured Pyslent needed some props. Then I had a Guinness! Mm, irish beer!

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