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OK, I somehow stumbled on this and thought it was kinda funny. On this guy’s website, he displays one of his favorite quotes:

“All I got is a Red Guitar…
Three chords… and the Truth
All I got is a Red Guitar…
And the rest is up to YOU!”
– Jimi Hendrix, “All Along the Watchtower”

Which is funny on a number of levels: 1) Bob Dylan wrote “All Along the Watchtower.” Hendrix, of course, recorded the definitive version, 2) The part being quoted was an ad-lib inserted by Bono (correct me if I’m wrong) U2’s live version, and Hendrix never even sang those words.

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A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

Happy Halloween all.

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The Big Switch

I imagine everyone has heard of the 1100 Mac supercomputer cluster, also called the Big Mac. Basically, they built the 3rd-fastest computer in the world for $5 million. They were working cloesly with Dell or IBM to purchase the computers for about $11 million (which still would’ve been really cheap for a supercomputer), when Apple announced the Power Mac G5. The builder, who had never used a Mac before, called up Apple the same day and placed the order 3 days later! Wired has a nice write-up, as does O’Reilly. The architect predicts more G5-clusters in the very near future. I think it’s only a matter of time before Apple eclipses Sun in the number of new installations (not upgrades) of low-end servers and high-end supercomputers.


Let The Games Begin

Via Gizmodo — As we know, number portability is less than a month away, and T-Mobile has become the first major carrier to offer enticements to its customers — announcing that unlimited weekend calling will include Fridays. Check out this article for the first of what will surely be many interesting offers.


Montana holding court

Check out montana’s latest exploits. Never knew she had an interest in politics, huh?

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All is not lost

On the other hand, I did manage to succesfully upgrade both my PowerMac and PowerBook to OS X 10.3 (Panther). Good news so far, everything seems smooth. Both were clean installs on blank hard drives (a brand new 120GB drive in my Power Mac, where did that come from?). I think the OS on my desktop went back at least 2 hard drives (maybe 3), and 2-3 years. I pulled out some legacy PCI cards, too, and I think that may have eliminated a problem with my DVD drive. So it wasn’t a complete disaster of a weekend.


… but they might pry my cold, dead TiVo from my fingers

The pictures should speak for themselves, but you can always read my TiVoCommunity thread.

Disaster Overview- note the shiny new TiVo

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Montana's heaven

Doggy treats at Three Dog Bakery in Seattle. Yum!

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The new Home Depot Center

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They can have my TiVo when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers

Well, looks like the FCC is at again. In their latest mis-adventure, they are going to require that consumer electronics devices are built to detect a “broadcast flag.” The description of this flag is particularly appalling, because the FCC is engaging in outright lies in order to further their agenda. The “broadcast flag” will enable tv stations to prevent the recording of shows (or limit the length of time they can be saved) on any new device. It gets worse. Any show recorded on a DVD recorder with this so-called “broadcast flag” will not be able to play on any existing DVD player. The MPAA has a deceptive little Q&A on the subject. The EFF has a point-by-point response

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