MontanaCam gets plagiarized

Hey guys, looks like my webcam idea has gotten scooped. This service should make it easy for someone to set up a logitech webcam to be viewed on their verizon “Get It Now” phones. They want $4.99/mo for the privilege, but its still cool.


In preparation…

In preparation for tomorrow’s State of the Union address, a drinking game has been developed and posted on the net. Ahh, isn’t technology great.

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After much deep thinking, I decided to skip any January marathons, and run the Huntington Beach (Pacific Shoreline) 1/2-marathon instead. It starts at 7, I’ll finish before 9, so you can send encouragement to me at my watch’s email address. Humor works too. Should I write the email address on the back of my shirt? Do you think people will right?


Domain name expirations

Well for some reason, I decided to visit allpredict.com today. But the site is down! I went over to register.com, and, it may be hard to believe, but the registration has lapsed! That means WE could register AllPredict.com. Man, there’s gotta be a business plan there somewhere.

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I woke up feeling a little weird this morning. Not sure why, just like something was out of place. It was then that I opened my eyes, and realized what the problem was. The absence of flashing lights, the quiet of my bedroom, the lack of smoke-odor emanating from all my clothes, and the fact that it was 7:00 in the morning and I was getting out of bed.
All on MLK Day, when my body knows instinctively it should be in Vegas.
But instead, I’m at work, and it’s 25 degrees outside, which is 20 degrees warmer than it’ll be tonight. Not quite the 60+ that it is in Vegas…


MontanaCAM is online

Hey guys, check out my link on the left. I’ve got my webcam uploader working. I’m using freeware called Webcam First. I can upload at most 1 fps, but there’s no point, b/c it takes me 5 s to load the page on my phone ;). Anyway, I have it at minimal resolution (160×120) and with 20 reload time. Not too impressive by normal web standards, but it’s optimized for my phone. Mike, you might try to go there with your phone too. the t68 does support some forms of html (although i don’t suppose you care too much what montana is doing all day :).


Pyslent on google

Jake and I had a discussion the other day, wondering if pyslent.com had made it on to google yet. Turns out it has. Didn’t take long.


Smallest Computer Ever

So Apple has a new 12″ PowerBook. Too big for you? Then check out this site where you can get a pretty full-featured PC for $875. Think the Apple Cube — no keyboard or monitor, but jacks for all of it. And yes, that’s a PEN beside it to give the picture some scale!



Just got back from a weekend in Killington, Vermont, where I went snowboarding for the first time since California. Overall, I’d say it went pretty well — I was looking great on the green trails, pretty good on most of the blues, and pretty challenged on the steep/bumpy blues. Black diamonds are still WAY over my head. But I survived, no permanent injuries, just overall achy.
My greatest wipeout — I was going what seemed like about 80 mph, and just after thinking “Hey, I can’t believe I’m going so fast, and yet I’m still in control!” I was on my toeside edge, and somehow caught my heelside edge on something — I fell onto my back, head facing downhill, and slid for about 30 yards. My goggles were way uphill, and passing skiers tried to grab them with their poles and bring them down to me. Finally got them back and limped on down the mountain, my ego bruised nearly about as much as my ass.
Most embarassing moment — At the end of the first day, I was so tired, and I couldn’t hold an edge to save my life, so the board was flat on the snow, and therefore, free to rotate. I was on a green trail, just wanting to get to the bottom and be done for the day. So I’m on this traverse — not steep or anything, and I just bite it in the middle of the trail. Nobody around, no obstacles, just fall down. So I just laid there for a second to catch my breath. Then, I hear some stirring in the woods, and these 4 punk snowboarders come out of the woods, and as they come by me, they say, “Lame.” I’m not 100% sure, but I think they were talking about me and my unimpressive abilities. If I could have chased them and kicked them down the mountain I would have, but I was powerless against their taunts.
Anyway, it was a fun weekend. We need to get a Pyslent ski trip together sometime.


I went to see a rocket launch and all I got was this terrific steak

Well, Derrick & I went to see our 1st rocket launch yesterday, but they forgot to launch the rocket! Man, what a bummer. But it was a good day– Montana got to run around, and we ate at this restaurant called “The Hitching Post II,” which had great steaks. T-bone, Filet Mignon, New York. Anyways, photos are on my .Mac site.