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Archive for December, 2002

Warchalking my bedroom

December 30th, 2002, 11:33pm by Mike

Some of my neighbors must have fallen on the “nice” side of Santa’s list — it looks like a couple of them got wireless access points for Christmas! As a result, I’m posting from my bed! The only thing better than wireless internet is FREE wireless internet!
There are actually 3 networks in the vicinity, but only 1 is strong enough to give a consistent signal. Right now I’m getting 3/4 bars.
I’m thinking about warchalking my bedroom…

It's a Max!

December 30th, 2002, 12:33am by Jake

Well, my brother has new tax deduction, Nathan has a new brother and I have a new nephew! Max was born at about 8:30am Sunday morning, a beautiful, healthy & happy baby boy. Here Max is meeting his big brother for the first time.
You can see plenty more pictures here .

Book on the way to Jake

December 27th, 2002, 9:51pm by Mike

I just ordered a book off of Amazon.com, and it’s being sent to Jake, but it’s required reading for all Pyslent associates. After Jake finishes it, he’ll give it to Derrick, who can give it to Kelvin, or whatever order is most convenient.
It’s called “Bringing Down The House,” and it’s about a group of MIT students who learn a system to beat Vegas at blackjack. You’ll finish it in two nights, no problem, and it’s a fun read. You’ll enjoy it, especially since we can picture all the Vegas settings…


December 27th, 2002, 5:37pm by Mike

This is a test — the server seems to be going up and down for me, and it looks like it may be the same for everybody else. I have found, if you’re interested, that if trying to get to the Board doesn’t work, pinging pyslent.com, then trying again always works. I don’t know why, I’ll look into it when I get back to Boston.
Hope everybody’s doing well! You guys can bring my 3 DVDs (Top Gun, Total Recall, and Silence of the Lambs) to Derrick’s for his viewing pleasure! 😉

Home entertainment system

December 22nd, 2002, 5:02am by Derrick

So Jake traded me his old receiver for my microwave. As a result, now I need to get a new HD-ready TV, DVD player, and surround sound speakers to go with. Any suggestions? Better yet, any interest in coming down (or across country) to help pick out a system?
I just got analog cable TV tonight (we were forced to because we couldn’t get DSL and it basically comes with the cable modem). This stuff is amazing! – there’s no fuzz in the channels, and not only do I get CBS, but there’s also 20 or so other stations that I’d never heard of that are out there. What other new fangled technologies will they think of next!

Disappearing domains

December 20th, 2002, 6:34pm by Jake

Man, our names are starting to be registered on the internet. Someone took it upon themself to register http://kelvinli.com AND http://kelvinli.net .


December 18th, 2002, 3:56pm by Mike

Looks like I got scooped!
I have to agree with Kelvin’s assessment of the movie. The action scenes were absolutely incredible! The scale is immense! I was glad I saw the first one a couple of days ago, since there is NO lead-in. I think after all is said and done, these three movies will hang together in the way that the first 3 Star Wars movies only wish they could — it will be so easy to watch back-to-back-to-back.
I can’t believe it’s going to be another year before the Return of the King! I’m going to have to re-read the books this year…

first two towers review

December 18th, 2002, 8:32am by Kelvin

Hey guys, just got back from a “midnight” showing of the two towers, and wanted to scoop mike with a quick review. i saw it at the amc 20 here, where all 20 screens were sold out for the showing. apparently, they only had 4 copies of the film, and they daisy-chain each tape through multiple projectors. anyway, they sort of melted the film in our room, and to make a LONG story short, 4 screens didn’t get started until 1:30 AM! Ugh.
The movie is great, and is a must see, of course. Visually spectacular. Its much more grand/epic than the first film, but lacked it’s intimacy; for that reason, i don’t see myself seeing it as many times. but so much action! my god. anyway, time to sleep.


December 17th, 2002, 10:20am by Mike

In preparation for this week’s release of The Two Towers, I finally got around to renting and watching The Fellowship of the Ring last night, and thought it was great. It had been a long time since I read the books (junior high), so I didn’t remember any details, which made it much more enjoyable, I think.
I’m going to go see the new one tomorrow at 11:30 AM — I’ll let you know if it’s good, but I’m pretty confident it will be…


December 16th, 2002, 11:23am by Mike

My eBay auction ended at $61, for a $50 item! The .com dream is alive!!!!

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